Best natural skincare routine for aging skin

Apr 26, 2022

There is no escaping the relentless march of time, and while aging is a completely natural process, the impact it has on the skin can be profound. And while inner beauty and peace is profound, there is no reason you have to neglect your skin to find this inner sanctum. By adopting a natural skincare routine that considers the various factors of aging skin, you’ll start enjoying the benefits of a healthier appearance, even as you age.

What happens to your skin as you age?

At around the age of 50 to 55, generally after menopause for women, the vital processes in the body start to slow down. The natural protective abilities of the skin start to weaken, the connective tissue loses elasticity, the skin gets drier, thinner and more sensitive. Any sun damage gained over the years will become more evident as wrinkles deepen and pigmentation becomes more evident. 

natural skincare routine for aging skin

Why does the skin age?

The skin consists of many different layers which are subdivided into three main parts:

  1. Epidermis: This is your skin’s outer layer which consists of skin cells, protein and pigments. It provides a barrier to protect your skin from external factors such as UVA/UVB rays and pollution.
  2. Dermis: The next layer consists of nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles and a special set of proteins including collagen and elastin. This middle layer cushions the skin from strain while sending nutrients to the epidermis.
  3. Hypodermis: The innermost layer of skin also contains hair follicles and blood vessels as well as sweat glands and fat to provide insulation and regulate body temperature.

The aging process has various impacts on the skin layers including:

  • A loss of elasticity as connective tissue breaks down;
  • Thinning of the skin that leads to sagging;
  • A decreased ability to heal;
  • Fragility in blood vessels which leads to more bruising and bleeding;
  • Decrease in the sebum production resulting in dryness and itchiness;
  • Decreased insulation for less cushioning and protection; and
  • Increase in growths such as warts, skin tags, spider veins and blemishes.

Natural skincare routine for aging skin

The first step is to always wear a natural SPF sun screen on the skin to minimise any further damage to the skin later in life. The next thing to consider is using products high in Vitamin A and Retinol to encourage dead skin cell turnover, diminish fine lines and wrinkles. But, most importantly, you should adopt a natural skincare routine that supports the skin’s existing processes rather than harming it further.

What is a natural skincare routine for aging skin?

For a truly natural skincare routine, you need to be using products that are 100% premium, natural and organic for individual skincare needs. Whether you’ve suffered from dry or oily skin in your life, aging skin has to deal with excessive dryness so you need to look at regenerating products.

–          Daytime routine

In the morning, you will cleanse and tone the skin before applying a Regenerating Day Cream Intensive. A Regenerating Day Cream Intensive noticeably improves the skin firmness and decreases loss of elasticity. Although a rich formulation, this cream will be quickly absorbed to provide long-lasting nourishment and protection. You can add the Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive directly on top of your day cream for a more intense protection.

–          Night-time routine

In the evening, you can remove eye makeup with a natural-based eye make-up remover followed by a soothing cleansing milk to remove excess makeup and then a facial toner. After which, you apply the Regenerating Oil Serum for an oil-free yet effective night-time care. This is applied before bedtime to strengthen and revitalise mature skin while supporting the skin’s natural regenerative functions.

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For the best in natural skincare routines that offer these products designed for aging skin – and more – then Dr Hauschka is the leader in South Africa’s natural skincare ranges. These premium skincare products, established in 1967, draw on extensive research and a deep understanding of nature. All products are 100% natural certified organic, cruelty-free, practice sustainable sourcing and ethical supply chains, protect the ecosystem, and use recycled packaging to reduce waste.

To find out more about the best skincare routine for aging skin, visit

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