Titanium Dioxide

Feb 18, 2014

Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide. This means it is a mixture of oxygen and another element, in this instance, Titanium. It is derived
from ilmenite, a mineral found in metamorphic and plutonic rocks and which can also be found in beach sand.

An important use of this mineral is as a white, opaque pigment; it is widely used in cosmetics as a covering agent. It has a very high refractive index. In simplistic terms, this means that it slows down the absorption of the sun’s rays very effectively. This makes Titanium Dioxide an invaluable ingredient in natural sunscreens. It is also very stable, inert and non-toxic as well as having the additional benefit of being waterresistant.

This mineral is extremely abundant, making up about 9% of the Earth’s crust.

Why Chemical Free Sunscreen?
As you prepare for the sunny summer months ahead, remember to stock up on the award winning Dr Hauschka Sun Care Range.

The mineral titanium dioxide provides immediate protection from harmful sun exposure with a non-toxic shield by reflecting harmful UV A & B rays away before they enter the skin.

Choose sun care which includes a holistic combination of plants and oils and extracts and are free of synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives.


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