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Such beautiful lips.

What do you feel like wearing on your lips today? A light shimmer, intense colour, brilliant shine? How about a bit of pampering too? Choose products from our lip make-up range to suit your mood.

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Wide range of radiant colours

Nature itself is an infusion of beautiful colours. This is why we select natural colour pigments that make a statement ranging from bright red to subtle apricot or even mysterious aubergine. Each colour blends perfectly with your natural lip tone. Beyond the extensive range of colours, you can also select from diverse glamorous textures. Our classic Dr. Hauschka Lipstick tantalizes your lips with sensational colours and a gentle sheen. The Sheer Lipstick provides silkiness and an airy shimmer, while a Lip Gloss infuses radiant colour shine and a moisture-sustaining formula. Enjoy a glamorous finish to any of our lip make-up using our transparent Lip Gloss Radiance. 

Contour for defined, flawless lip make-up.

If you are aiming for professional-looking lip make-up, Dr. Hauschka Lip Liners come in a range of colours. They let you create defined and accurately traced lip contours, and our built in-brush can be used to blend the Liner. Thanks to the colourless Lip Line Definer, you can apply a nourishing barrier and protect your lip make-up from going out of place.

Lip make-up equals lip care.

Enriched with Argan and jojoba oil, rose and beeswax, shea butter and mango butter, and other natural nourishing extracts, our Lip make-up stands out. We also carefully select essential Medicinal plant extracts like witch hazel, anthyllis, rose hip, or rose petal. Infused as one, they provide nourishment, protection, and care for your lips, leaving them feeling silky, plump, and smooth.

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