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Cosmetics for radiance.

Achieving a glowing and beautiful complexion is easier than you think. All you need is to even out impurities and pigments, neutralize redness, and brighten dark circles using little foundation or concealer. You can also include a powder touch for a smooth finish. Begin each day with glow and radiance. Every Dr. Hauschka product provides an airy and light feeling, achieving a natural and balanced complexion. With our make-up, your personality is accentuated and not hidden.

Natural ingredients for a beautiful complexion.

Beauty and care are the core of Dr. Hauschka make-up. The combination of high-quality waxes and oils helps retain moisture and provides essential protection your skin needs from environmental impurities. Beneficially stimulating medicinal plant extracts like anthyllis and witch hazel, pomegranate and sage are carefully selected for your skin. With silk powder, your skin enjoys a velvety feel combined with mineral pigments to accentuate a natural colour. When possible, we derive our extracts from organic farming or controlled wild harvesting through about 150 medicinal plants growing in our medicinal plant garden and on our farm. Importantly, Dr. Hauschka operates according to the strict guidelines of the Demeter association.

Steps to achieve the perfect look.

The basis of every look is a bright and radiant complexion. You should first apply your day cream before working with Foundation and Concealer. With Dr. Hauschka, you can select from diverse, vibrant shades that blend seamlessly with your skin tone. You can also choose to complement the shine with a powder. For an evenly blended complexion, an available alternative to the foundation is the Compact Powder or Colour Correcting Powder. To add a luminous and flawless finish, we recommend Bronzing Powder or Blush Duo. Use our Loose Powder to freshen your make-up and fix the dazzling radiance. If you have sensitive skin, you can use Dr. Hauschka make-up as our certified natural cosmetics are very well tolerated. A suitable choice for all skin conditions.

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