Put a spritz in your step.

Every spray of our natural facial toners leaves your skin strengthened and refreshed. Cleanse, tone and moisturise – make it a simple part of your morning and evening skin care routine.

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Our much-loved toning duo

A good toner is a favorite amongst many customers, irrespective of gender. For Dr. Hauschka, our toners are specifically made to meet your diverse and constantly evolving skin needs. For normal, dry and sensitive skin types, we have formulated an activating Facial Toner. While blemished, large-pored, oily skin and combination skin types are best suited for a Clarifying Toner. Both unique toners strengthen the skin and offer a fresh, radiant tone.


Toning, a basic and yet valuable skincare step

Basic skin care at Dr. Hauschka involves three key steps, whether it is morning or evening. You need to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Enriched with high-quality ingredients, select medicinal plants like witch hazel and anthyllis kickstarts the skin’s metabolic activity. Our toners are oil-free, allowing your skin to breathe and stay prepared for the next skincare step. For mornings, you can choose a Revitalising Day Cream or a Clarifying Day Oil. For evenings, our oil-free night care range products are available for careful selection.


Also suitable as an aftershave

Dr. Hauschka toners can be used as aftershave. Your specific skin condition will determine your choice of the vitalizing Facial Toner or the regulating Clarifying Toner. You apply both the same way: after shaving, spray the toner and gently press in with your hands.


Welcome bursts of refreshment

On a hot day, Dr. Hauschka toners’ hydrating and refreshing mist is present to enhance your mood. It offers a comfortable way to refreshen either at work, long events, a party or a trip. If you are on make-up, you can spray our toners directly on your face. However, you should not press it in.


Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics

Our duo toners portray Dr. Hauschka’s philosophy and holistic natural cosmetics: We offer cosmetic impulses for the skin to stimulate its activity. This simply means that the skin innately renews and takes care of itself. What it needs is a little guidance and a gentle reminder. Hence, what our products do is restore the natural balance of your skin. Our toner further strengthens and supports. Packed with unique medicinal plant extracts, our Clarifying Toner provides regulation and balance, while our activating Facial Toner stimulates the skin’s metabolism.

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