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Regenerating Skin Care for mature skin.

Aging is natural process that happens to us all, but the impact aging has on our skin is in our control. As we age, several changes happen to the body which result in older looking skin. Fortunately, Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care range offers mature skin the exact support it needs.


What happens to skin as we age?

External elements, genetics, poor lifestyle habits and the passage of time all have a role to play in the skin’s ageing process. Some of the factors that contribute towards increased skin aging include:

  • Smoking which damages cells
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Pollution
  • Facial movements
  • Sleep position
  • Obesity

While you would ideally need to cut out all the abovementioned factors to improve your skin, this is not always possible. However, without starting a targeted skin care routine, your skin will quickly deteriorate. Some of the ways the skin can change include:

  • The skin becomes rougher;
  • The skin loses elastin – the elastic tissue – which causes it to slacken and wrinkle;
  • The epidermis – outer skin layer – thins making blood vessels more evident;
  • The area beneath the epidermis flattens and the skin becomes more fragile;
  • The skin becomes more easily bruised as the blood vessel walls are thinner.
  • The sun’s UVA and UVB rays also contribute to wrinkling of the skin and age spots.
  • Skin tags, which are small growths, may appear on the eyelids, neck and body folds.


Which Dr Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care options is right for you?

Not all mature skin is the same. That’s why Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care products are available in a variety of formulations and modes of action. This means that there is a skin care product that will meet your unique skin care needs.

1.      For mature skin over the age of 40

For many people, 40 is the age when the affects of aging start to show on the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, with the skin appearing duller and more lacklustre. This is when you need to intervene with revitalising stimuli! Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care for skin over 40 range includes products that are designed to support your skin while enabling it to remain active. For those of you who are new to the Dr Hauschka Regenerating range, we recommend our trial set for mature skin.

Independent trials and tests have confirmed that the Dr Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care (40+) will:

  • Promotes the skin’s natural self-renewal abilities;
  • Regulates moisture; and
  • Leaves skin feeling toned and smooth.


2.      For mature skin over the age of 50

Even if you’ve not been using Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care (40+) and are in your 50s, it’s not a problem. The products in Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Intensive (50+) range go one step further in supporting your skin. Once you’ve reached your 50s, the skin becomes increasingly dry and sensitive, requiring further strength and protection. Dr Hauschka’s facial care products for skin over 50 support and strengthen skin that is losing its firmness and elasticity.

Independent trials and tests have confirmed that the Dr Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care (50+) will:

  • Improve the skin’s firmness;
  • Strengthen its resistance; and
  • Provide long-lasting protection.


If you’re new to Dr Hauschka’s natural skincare range, then we suggest you make gradual changes and adjustments to your facial care products. You can even combine products from different Dr Hauschka ranges if you prefer. One of our knowledgeable aestheticians is also on hand to give you advice on what the best skin care product would be. These professionals can make an accurate skin diagnosis and recommend the specific Dr Hauschka products for mature skin that best suit your needs.

For the best in natural skincare routines that offer these products designed for aging skin – and more – then Dr Hauschka is the leader in South Africa’s natural skincare ranges. Established in 1967, these premium skincare products draw on extensive research and a deep understanding of nature. All products are 100% natural certified organic, cruelty-free, practice sustainable sourcing and ethical supply chains, protect the ecosystem, and use recycled packaging to reduce waste.

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