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Everything a facial serum can do

The different Dr. Hauschka facial serums have a luxuriously light feel and are easily absorbed into your skin. They help boost the natural processes while allowing your skin to breathe freely. Our facial serums have rejuvenating and even results. Best applied sparingly after you cleanse and tone. Our serum exists to support your everyday daytime skincare routine and your nightly skin regeneration. The Dr. Hauschka Night Care range is entirely water-based. They are both stimulating and oil-free. For example, our Night Serum combines witch hazel, seaweed and apple blossom extracts to provide a brightened, fresh morning radiance. Our Regenerating Serum also revitalises and rejuvenates. Formulated with quince seed, red clover and bryophyllum extracts, it regulates moisture, visibly leaving an evenly toned and refined effect. In every Dr. Hauschka facial serum, unique medicinal plant extracts are combined to nourish and smoothen your skin.


Also water-based: our ampoule treatment

Dr. Hauschka treatments prove how penetrating and intense the result of a water-based cosmetic is. The treatments include our intensive treatments in spray bottles and our two ampoule treatments – Renewing Night Conditioner and Sensitive Care Conditioner.

The two ampoule treatments work with your skin over 28 days. This time period is when your skin cells renew and rejuvenate. Blending their rhythmitised natural components, our ampoules offer the energizing stimuli your skin needs. Valuable ingredients in our Renewing Night Conditioner include rose, marshmallow, anthyllis, Madonna lily and silver. For our Sensitive Care Conditioner, Borage, pearl, malachite, oak bark, and other treasures of nature are among the ingredients. To complement a Dr. Hauschka facial serum, we recommend using these treatments multiple times yearly.


Our Night Care range caters to your skin’s special night needs

The uniqueness of Dr. Hauschka Night Care is that it recognises and prioritises the different rhythmic alterations of your skin between day and night. Your skin needs different stimuli and support during the day and at night. The night is important as this is when your skin renews itself completely. Oily creams slow down the natural processes, which is why Dr. Hauschka Night Care is entirely water-based. Our night care range is oil-free, light, stimulating and does not contain rich or heavy face creams. Instead, we recommend you cleanse, tone and then apply a serum. We also provide treatments to be used several times a year. With these enriched products, optimal results and recovery are achieved overnight for your skin.  


Three critical steps for your face basic night care 

Three steps portray the essential daily night care routine – cleanse, tone, revitalize. For cleansing, you can either choose our Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk based on your skin needs. Our Eye Make-up Remover can be added for delicate eye areas. To tone, we offer the duo products of  Facial Toner and Clarifying Toner. Finally, for revitalising, your skin will love the Night Serum or Regenerating Serum. With these 3 steps, your everyday night care routine is covered.  


Pamper your skin overnight with a treatment

To accompany our basic night care routine, we recommend you use the Renewing Night Conditioner multiple times within a year. Comprising 28 ampoules, the treatment supports your skin to achieve an entire 28-day regeneration cycle. Each ampoule contains rich and precious extracts of medicinal plants like rose, marshmallow and anthyllis, accompanied by silver and Madonna lily. These ingredients are rhythmitised stimulants specifically selected to revive the natural balance and tone of your skin. Helping your skin glow, radiate and look visibly refreshed.


Tips to start our night care routine

The Dr. Hauschka Night Care range is oil-free and will provide a unique regenerating effect on your skin. When you change from a usual night cream to ours, your skin will likely experience a little tightness. This is expected as your skin needs to relearn self-regeneration more sustainably. To help your skin ease into our night care regime, you will need to apply a face mask twice a week. Then remove the mask with a warm and damp cloth before sleep. Afterwards, use Facial Toner, Night Serum or Renewing Night Conditioner. For any additional questions about our Night Care range, feel free to contact our online advisors anytime.

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