Men’s day care

The right care for every skin condition.

1. Cleansers: the basis to all effective skin care routines.

Men enjoy the feeling of wonderfully fresh skin in the morning as much as anyone else. That’s why a gentle cleanser should always form the first step of any facial care routine. Our cleansers leave skin refreshed, refined and ready for the next skin care steps – and leave you feeling ready for the day.

2. Toners: perfect for freshly shaved skin.

Next, it’s time for a toner: our toners strengthen the skin’s natural abilities. A top tip for men: our pleasantly refreshing and soothing toners are particularly good on freshly shaved skin, as they act like an invigorating aftershave. If you tend to get small ingrown facial hairs, inflamed or oily skin, our Clarifying Toner is the best choice. For normal, dry or sensitive skin, we recommend our classic Facial Toner.

3. Day care: the right care for every skin condition.

What’s the best day cream or oil for men? That depends on your skin. Dry skin needs protection and moisture, while combination skin needs balanced skin care. Meanwhile, men with mature skin will appreciate more rich, regenerating day creams. Not sure which day care is right for you? Personalise your skin care plan here. Men also love to use the Revitalising Mask as a day cream after shaving as it soothes the skin.

4. Beard care: our skin care tips for men with beards.

Do you have a long beard? Our silicone-free Hair Oil will leave it feeling soft and smooth with a healthy shine, simply apply when the beard is damp. Less is more with our Hair Oil: the pup dispenser makes it easy to only apply as much as you need.

More skin care tips for men.

Do your lips suffer in cold and windy weather? Does the sensitive skin around your eyes look tired? Sometimes, we all need an extra portion of care. And the skin care you use in the morning and evening can be as different as day and night.

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