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Your lips are particularly sensitive, delicate and in need of protection. Shop our natural lip care range.

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Lip care by Dr. Hauschka

Your lips deserve respect and care. The Dr. Hauschka Lip Care range considers their sensuality, vulnerability, and ability to express themselves. When exposed to the hot, cold and dry African weather across the various seasons, your lips need effective protection. This is because the three to five layers of lip cells are relatively thin and highly sensitive. Dr. Hauschka’s certified natural cosmetics treat this with distinctive, high-quality waxes, rich oils and extracts from medicinal plants like anthyllis, marigold and St. John’s wort.

Ideal for dry, chapped or tingling lips

Are you curious about the ideal lip care product to suit your lip? Do you seek that daily companion to nourish, enrich, and silkily smoothen your lips soothingly? If yes, we gladly offer Lip Care Stick, a classic Lip Balm. Or are your lips chapped and cracked, with lines around your mouth? No worries, our rich Lip Balm is designed to treat damaged lips effectively.

Pamper your lips with our mask

Just like your face and skin, your dry and chapped lips should enjoy a usual little pampering. The Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Cream Mask is recommended by our Cosmetics Consultation team. We support applying to your lips for 10 minutes, calmly letting the intensive moisturiser work and rejuvenate. For days you wear make-up, it is best to begin with the mask and use the lip make-up last. This way, you give the lip care product the right time to work magic and perfectly blend in with your make-up.

Carefully selected natural ingredients for your lips 

Specially picked organic farming ingredients and certified wild harvesting are used for our natural cosmetics. In cases where there is no organic quality of the raw ingredients, we support by launching a biological cultivation project, e.g. in Burkina Faso. As a result, we can access the necessary shea butter for our cosmetic products, including the Lip Care Stick. Our very own medicinal plant garden and farm grow about 150 plants. Their operations are subject to the strict guidance of the Demeter association. Our employees from extremely diverse departments join in annually harvesting our marigolds. They join to select the bright flower heads from which we make water-based extracts. Then we can process our Lip Balm to revive and nurture your lips.

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