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Face masks: ultimate instant and long-lasting effectiveness

From a quick burst of rejuvenation to lasting soothing care, our face masks provide what your skin needs to thrive. The moment you apply the masks, the nourishing effect is instant. You will feel the smoothness and revitalization when our face mask graces your skin. Delicate areas like the lips and around your eyes will really benefit from this penetrating care. For an additional boost, you can use a thin slice of our masks under your daily daytime skincare product.

Do you need a little time-out after a long and strenuous day? Using one of our masks, you can turn your regular bathroom into your own luxurious home spa. 20 minutes of self-care, just for you. These calming routines will attentively tender your soul and offer your skin immediate clarification and long-lasting results. Perfectly balancing your inner and outer beauty needs.


First, a deep cleanse, then intensive pampering

Is your skin calling for a detox? Combining the premium Clarifying Steam Bath and Clarifying Clay Mask will purify the deepest areas of your pores. As you use it regularly, your skin condition will visibly improve and become radiant. For that extra dose of care, follow with your select face mask. 


Step 1: Clarifying Steam Bath

Clarifying Steam Bath is devoted to soothing your skin, stimulating circulation, and gently opening your pores with warm steam.


Step 2: Clarifying Clay Mask

Clarifying Clay Mask breathes a loosening effect on your face, regulates sebum, deeply soothes the skin and tones down irritation or redness. If your skin is more sensitive, you should lessen the time you put the mask on.


Step 3: Face mask

Revitalising Mask a nourishing treat for all skin types

  • Suits all skin conditions, especially blemished skin and skin prone to redness or couperose.
  • Provides an even, refreshed tone and refines the pores
  • Enriched with the medicinal plants quince, anthyllis and chamomile


Soothing Maskproviding balance to soothe stressed skin

  • Suits sensitive or irritated skin and combination skin.
  • Provides calming relaxation and restores the skin’s natural balance.
  • Formulated with rich witch hazel water.


Hydrating Cream Mask lending a sense of security

  • Suits dry, sensitive and mature skin.
  • Provides ultimate protection and does not dry out your skin. 
  • Enriched with beeswax and valuable almond, avocado and jojoba oils.


Firming Maskoffering strength to improve your skin elasticity

  • Suits regenerating dry or dehydrated skin that is losing elasticity 
  • Gives skin the impulses to regenerate itself. Your skin is left feeling smooth and recovered.
  • Formulated with rose, marsh mallow and pansy.


How do I apply the face masks?  

Step 1: Cleanse your face and squeeze some face mask onto your fingertips. 

Step 2: Apply the mask generously to the face, neck and neckline, if desired.

Step 3: Remove the mask after 20 minutes with a warm, damp sponge. 

Use your chosen face mask once or twice a week for optimal results.

Does your skin need that additional boost of protection? Apply our Hydrating Cream Mask thinly under your daily daytime skincare product.


Multi-masking: special care for different parts of the face

The different skin areas often require different care. For specific areas of your skin, you can apply various masks to meet their individual skin needs at once!

  • Eyes, lips and neckline: Our Firming Mask offers an extra moisture boost for particularly delicate skin.
  • Cheeks: Our Hydrating Cream Mask and Soothing Mask provide valuable care and purification for the cheek area, usually prone to dryness.
  • T-zone (forehead, nose, chin): Our Revitalising Mask refreshes, refines and nourishes T-zones that are typically oily shine and blemish prone. 


Our tip: instant radiance, even on the go

Stay fresh and bright even on stressful days: Our Facial Toner offers that feel of radiance gracing your skin to keep you glowing on the go! For blemish-prone skin, our Clarifying Toner is the perfect companion.

You can also try out our Colour Correcting Powders alternatively:

  • Colour Correcting Powder 00 translucent: Creates an even and fresh tone for all skin conditions.
  • Colour Correcting Powder 02 calming: Softens and soothes reddened, sensitive skin.
  • Colour Correcting Powder 01 Activating: Rejuvenates dull, pale skin.
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