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All-natural skin care for an all-natural you.

Cleanse and let your skin breathe with our natural facial cleanser range. Clarifies and free the skin from external influences and its own metabolic products, providing the basis for pore-deep cleanliness, a new freshness and a radiant complexion.

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Welcome a nourishing treat of Facial cleansing 

What Dr. Hauschka Facial Cleanser does is introduce your skin to a luxurious moment of the benefits and power of natural ingredients. Formulated with medicinal plant extracts, high-quality oils, rose water, almond meal and medicinal clay, our unique cleansers soothe, relieve and rejuvenate your skin. Gently cleansing your face while maintaining its natural hydrolipidic film. This way, your skin is ready for strengthening and nourishing bliss. Every day, your face cleansing routine is devoted to boosting your natural beauty.


Suitable for all skin types, including dry skin and sensitive skin

From Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk for basic everyday cleansing to the Clarifying Clay Mask or Clarifying Steam Bath for a deep cleanse, our facial cleansing products are ideal for all skin conditions. For dry or sensitive skin, we recommend morning and evening use of Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk morning and evening. This soothing emulsion is also suitable for makeup removal. In addition, we have specially formulated an Eye Make-up Remover for the delicate eye area, which gently and efficiently removes even waterproof products.


Morning and Evening: must do facial cleansing routine

Before your day starts or you go to bed, facial cleansing can be your personal ritual. That quiet moment of daily reflection. Morning cleansing allows you to unclog the skin and remove its metabolic products. Evening cleansing draws out dirt particles, impurities, sweat and makeup. This is critical, so your skin can breathe free from makeup clogs. Else, it will be unable to self-regenerate. The eye area’s delicate skin and your eyelashes can suffer irritation from unremoved makeup. Dirt particles can also irritate your eyes if unclean.


Double Cleansing: the two steps to facial cleansing

Double cleansing makes sense. On the one hand, oil-based products can efficiently remove makeup and sun-protection products. Similarly,  water-based cream is ideal for removing sweat, impurities and dead skin cells. To start, you can use Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk to purify your face of makeup, dust and environmental influences and soothingly nourish it. Afterwards, you can finalize with our nourishing Cleansing Cream, rejuvenating and balancing your complexion. A single product that embodies the double cleansing idea is Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-up Remover, with its two phases. If you want an intense and penetrative facial cleansing, we recommend two additional steps. First, you can try our Clarifying Steam Bath to remove deep impurities and unclog pores. Then, our Clarifying Clay Mask can restrict sebum and soften your skin.


Does air pollution put a strain on the facial skin?

Exhaust gases, particulates and other air pollutants are everywhere. They settle on your facial skin and worsen its condition. In urban areas and cities, stress factors, traffic, congestion, and more are a dominant daily occurrence and may be the reason for your skin struggles. Therefore, you need thorough facial cleansing as an important anti-pollution measure to protect your skin.

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