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Our eyes benefit from invigorating care, need protective care, and enjoy smoothing care. Our eyes are hard at work all day long – and sometimes it shows. Shop our natural eye care range.

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All day and all night eye care from Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka eye care nurtures the delicate skin around the eyes. This area is specifically sensitive, and dryness can cause lines on it. Also, the skin is highly thinner than other facial areas as it contains no subcutaneous fatty tissue. You will require special eye care products to effectively care for your eye area. Dr. Hauschka eye care range is protective, smoothening, and balancing. Ideal for all skin conditions is the Daily Hydrating Eye Cream. For mature skin, the Regenerating Eye Cream is suitable. There is also the penetrative and nourishing Eye Balm. For tired eyes, you can use Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive as a gentle way to calm, refresh and rejuvenate. Where you notice your eye area and beyond needs rigorous and thorough care, we recommend using our Firming Mask.

As an extra tip, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of our eye care range, it is best to apply before the regular daytime skin care cosmetics. For cases where eye make-up is necessary, you can apply the make-up directly on the Daily Hydrating Eye Cream.


Ophthalmologically tested and compatible with contact lenses

Our eye care products do contain dispersible oils which can get into the eyes. Instead, we carefully use specially chosen oils for eye care like mango, cocoa and shea butter, rose wax and beeswax. These ingredients remain close to the skin, providing the protection you need. The eye area is prone to irritation from long screen hours, hot African air, inadequate sleep, pollution and other environmental influences. Extracts from medicinal plants calm, nourish and strengthen this eye area. Dr. Hauschka formulations are ophthalmologically tested and ideal for users of contact lenses.


Nature, our approach to eye care

The richness of nature is valuable as it offers all the important ingredients we require for our cosmetics. An example is Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive, which is uniquely formulated with eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis). Its name evidences its medicinal benefit for the eyes. Packed with numerous plant compositions, every one of our products is carefully designed with diverse natural ingredients. Some tested and tried staples in our eye care products are Anthyllis and marigold, black tea and seaweed, silk and rose water. We grow some of these medicinal plants in our very own garden or on the Sonnenhof farm, and both are operated biodynamically. In cases where we cannot grow the ingredients ourselves, we acquire from controlled wild harvesters and organic partners. Just like the whole Dr. Hauschka range, our eye care products are certified natural cosmetics.

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