Day Lotions

Lightweight moisturisers that are just right for you.

Our silky-smooth day lotions unfold their balancing, soothing and revitalizing effects. All three provide long-lasting hydration and protect the skin all day long.

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How do the Day Lotions differ from Day Creams?

Our three moisturizing lotions have a more lightweight texture. They are quickly and easily absorbed making them the ideal base for any make-up. If you find the texture of the Dr. Hauschka Day Creams too rich at certain times of the year, the silky-smooth Day Lotions are the right products for you, meeting different individual skincare needs.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream is now called Revitalising Day Lotion.

First launched in 1967 as the Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream, and still a beloved product used all over the world to this day. The proven formulation remains the same, now however, under a new name.

Can a Day Lotion be applied under a Day Cream?

We recommend that the Dr. Hauschka Day Lotions be used as a stand-alone, comprehensive skin care step. An additional layer of Day Cream is not necessary. However, the needs of your skin are constantly changing, and should you require additional care, our Dr. Hauschka masks and intensive treatments are just the right thing for you!

Day Lotions and sustainable packaging.

Our new Day Lotions have glass packaging. The reason being that glass is an easily recyclable material – it can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality. For most efficient recycling practices, we recommend separating the different materials – i.e., separating the pump dispenser from the tube or glass packaging of the Day Lotion.

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