Our Rose Routine

Feb 11, 2021

For February 14th and all year round.

This Valentine’s month, there is no better time than now to honour the Rose – the Queen of all flowers and our everyday skincare hero! With special therapeutic abilities an harmonising properties, it’s no wonder you will find the Rose in one form or another in almost all of our Dr. Hauschka products.

Cue our Rose Routine: featuring all our favourite Rose essentials, so that you can treat your skin and celebrate the holiday all in one. 

Step 1: Prep and pamper

Starting with drawing a nice, hot bath… because is there really anything better? Soothe your senses with our Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence, adding several capfuls into the water as your bathtub fills. With the addition of almond and jojoba oil for skin that is soft and silky smooth!

Step 2: After bath body care 

Double the rose, double the love… treating your skin with not just one but two Rose body essentials. We suggest mixing a drop of our Rose Nurturing Body Oil with our Rose Nurturing Body Cream, promising immediate warmth and protection to both your skin and senses.

TIP: For best results and more rapid absorption, apply the rose mixture directly onto skin that is still slightly damp. 

Step 3: Don’t sweat it!

A quick swipe of our delicate, aluminium salt free Rose Deodorant to gently nourish and regulate perspiration. Not even those pre-date nerves will stop you from smelling floral and fresh! 

Step 4: Time to glow!

So take your pick, from our Rose Day Cream to our Rose Day Cream Light – both iconic and adored for their ability to protect and pamper your skin, especially if its feeling more dry or sensitive. And because let’s face it, a Dr. Hauschka Rose Routine would be simply incomplete without our Day Cream heroes!

So simple but yet so effective, if there’s one thing we’re showing our love for this Valentine’s month, its our Rose Routine!

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