No Make-up Look.

Oct 25, 2021

Get the William Fan Berlin Fashion Week Runway Look.

In partnership with Dr. Hauschka.

Designer WILLIAM FAN presents NEIGHBOURHOOD his new collection for 2022 at Berlin Fashion Week: It focuses on the immediate – on what is right next to us – the lives lived next door and the characters that make up our communities. It is homage to meeting your neighbours and connecting with them. The designer chose fascinating personalities for his runway show, to embody his neighbourhood in Berlin and the city’s open and cosmopolitan attitude. 

The beauty looks were created in collaboration with Dr. Hauschka. In doing so, William Fan opted for a “no-make-up look”: He underlines the diverse characters and consciously celebrates their various forms of expression of beauty. 

As a pioneer in natural cosmetics, Dr. Hauschka brings a different view towards cosmetics from the start: “For Dr. Hauschka, beauty lies in someone’s individuality, not in unattainable beauty ideals. Our developers protect the planet through their work instead of exploiting it. 

“I share Dr. Hauschka’s vision of creating long-lasting products that symbolize an appreciation of their components and an expression of individual beauty.” (William Fan)

We’ll show you which products you can use to recreate the natural no-make-up look of the William Fan Runway Show.

Complexion – natural radiant look.

Care products are the basis for naturally radiant skin – and essential for the no-make-up look. In addition to the right day care, intensive eye care should not be missing, it protects the delicate eye area from environmental influences.

A lot doesn’t always help a lot. Therefore, foundation and concealer are used very sparingly. And only where they are really needed. Freckles are allowed to shine through, they are part of your personality and make you unique. The tinting fluid is used for subtle contours, giving every complexion a lively, delicate tan.

Alternatively, when looking for a quick and easy make-up base you can use Colour Correcting Powder 00 and Concealer. Applied on the go or after your morning routine, Concealer reliably covers redness and dark under-eye circles. And with its perfectly coordinated shades, the Colour Correcting Powder 00 gives you a radiant, even complexion. 

Particularly important for the no-make-up look: highlighter. The composition with mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts made of silk and witch hazel gives a shimmering, radiant complexion and sets nourishing accents on the cheeks, bridge of the nose and forehead.

TIP #1: For extra glossy highlights, apply the eye balm under the highlighter.

Eyes – “Brushed up Brows” & Natural Eye Make-up.

The William Fan Runway beauty look relies on accentuated eyebrows. The eyebrows are combed upwards. With the “Brushed up Brows” the hairs are intentionally disordered and directed upwards. The eyebrows are fixed with the Brow & Lash Gel. The eye make-up is deliberately reserved, and a little mascara gives you defined lashes. The natural no-make-up look that also works in the office is finished.

TIP #2: Applied selectively in the inner corner of the eye, our highlighter gives a wakeful look.

Lips – Glossy Lips.

The lip make-up is also kept completely natural. Our lip balm is more than sufficient for the no-make-up look. The jar promises particularly intensive care: beeswax and valuable vegetable oils nourish the lips richly.

Alternatively, a lip gloss or lipstick in a natural shade can be used.

Beauty that shines: Transparent, Colourless Lip Gloss Radiance
Translucent Lip Gloss give your lips a natural shine and cares for the sensitive skin with nourishing oils and waxes. Lip Gloss Radiance is also the perfect shimmering finish when applied with your Lipstick or Lip Liner. As well as easy, precise application, the Lip Gloss has a long-lasting translucent shine and delicate fragrance.

TIP #3: Always use your fingers to apply the lip product. This will give you a more natural look.

Watch here for a peak behind-the-scenes…

Shop the no make up look:

Author: WILLIAM FAN & WALA intern
Photography: Janine Sametzky

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