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Aug 29, 2022

With the weather starting to warm up, it’s important to keep skin protected with an effective sun cream that offers superior SPF protection without harming the skin. For an all-natural skincare product that actually increases the skin’s ability to protect itself from the harsh South African sun, Dr Hauschka has released a specially formulated range of sun creams.

What are the benefits of sunlight?

Sunlight is essential to our health. It improves the immune system and gives your body a natural boost of energy to keep you going. When you don’t receive enough sunlight, your Vitamin D levels decline, and you can suffer from depression, with bone and teeth health also negatively impacted. Some safe time in the sun will help the body create its vitamin D levels while protecting against autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation and allergies.

What are the dangers of sun exposure?

Spending time is important to our health, but overexposure without the proper skincare is dangerous. Here’s a look at why the right sun protection, particularly in a sunny country like South Africa, is so important.

  • Sunburn: Even 15 minutes of unprotected time in the sun can result in radiation burn which is a result of exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays. The skin will get red, blister and – if severe – suffer second-degree burns.
  • Heat stroke: UV exposure also causes heat stroke with symptoms including cramps, exhaustion, headaches, nausea, shallow breathing, disorientation and fainting.
  • Age spots: Long-term exposure to UV rays will accelerate the aging of the skin and result in skin dryness, wrinkles, and pigmentation known as age spots.
  • Skin cancer: Further to this, long-term exposure to the sun can result in changes to the skin cells causing cancer. This includes skin cancers such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous-cell carcinoma.
  • Hives: Sun exposure can also result in solar urticaria – hives – large, itchy red welts which can even develop within five minutes of sun exposure.

How can Dr Hauschka’s range help?

Dr Hauschka’s sun care range has been formulated to enhance the skin’s natural abilities to protect itself from the sun, while also helping the skin recover after sun exposure. This creates an optimum balance between protection and the carefree enjoyment of the sun.

1.      Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF30

Tinted Face Sun Cream is the ideal companion for a day in the sun as it provides extensive protection while leaving you with a sun-kissed glow. It can be applied as needed or after your day cream for added SPF protection. This particular formulation includes an enticing concoction of apricot, prickly pear, Anthyllis, calendula, and nourishing oils. This unique composition of valuable medicinal plant extracts protects the skin and strengthens its ability for self-protection. The natural formulation contains UV filters and antioxidant ingredients to prevent light-induced skin ageing while nourishing the skin and helping it produce and retain moisture.

The benefits of this sun cream are:

  • Natural protection and care for intense sun exposure;
  • Subtle coverage and radiance
  • Protects and intensively nourishes
  • Water resistant
  • Mineral UV filters to support the skin’s natural abilities for protection

2.      Face Sun Cream SPF10

This particular aromatic sun cream range consists of the medicinal plant quintet of calendula, coconut oil, Anthyllis, apricot and prickly pear preserves to moisturise the skin and promote balanced skin. The Face Sun Cream SPF10 has been formulated to activate the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and retain good moisture balance. In addition to antioxidant ingredients, the UV filters protect your face from the sun’s rays and protect against sun-induced skin ageing. It can be applied as needed after your day cream or oil to give your skin added SPF protection. The light texture absorbs quickly, also allowing for the easy application of make-up.

The benefits of the sun cream are:

  • Light protection and gentle care for pre-tanned skin
  • Support the skin’s natural abilities to protect itself from the sun
  • Prevents sun-induced skin ageing

Dr Hauschka also offers a range of products that complement the skin, providing effective skincare during the day and enabling regeneration at night. These include:

  • Revitalising Mask: This soothes, refreshes and cools sun-stressed skin. The jojoba, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils help the facial skin retain moisture.
  • Sensitive Care Conditioner: This is ideal for helping sun-stressed skin recover at night as it soothes the skin, reduces redness and offers intensive support to skin that is sensitive or temporarily irritated. The formulation reminds the skin of its natural renewal processes and stimulates its inherent abilities.

Dr Hauschka’s Sun Care range contains no synthetic UV filters, no mineral oils, no silicones and no microplastics, protecting your skin and the environment.

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