The best summer skincare routine to protect your skin

Sep 23, 2022

With rising temperatures encouraging more outdoor activity, it’s important to start preparing your skin for maximum protection this summer. It’s not only the sun’s harsh rays that can cause damage, but also  environmental pollutants, which is why it’s best to use products that are 100% natural. It’s also not just about applying sunscreen on the day; but about preparing the skin ahead of time and protecting it afterwards. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your summer skincare routine.

Summer Skincare Routine

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your summer skincare routine.

1.      Start with a cleanse

You need to start with a foundation for healthy skin which is done by using a good cleanser. This will not only cleanse the skin of any impurities, but will also improve the effects of other products in your skincare routine.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

This is a great skincare product for all skin conditions. It’s uniquely formulated with medicinal plant extracts, high-quality oils,  almond meal, and anthyllis to remove impurities, relieve, revitalise, balance and nourish your skin. It cleanses your skin while maintaining its natural hydrolipidic film and without disrupting the skin’s natural protective function.

Recommended: NEW Dr. Hauschka Cleaning Balm

When applied to moist skin, the gel transforms into a gentle cleansing milk, removing dirt and make-up while preserving the skin’s oil and moisture production. The light gel-to-milk formulation is suitable for all types of skin and leaves the skin feeling nourished, radiant and refreshed.

2.      Invigorate with a facial toner

Revitalise your skin with a facial toner that boosts and refreshes your skin following a good cleanse. When the summer months arrive, we endure more sweat with natural oils becoming more pronounced and leading to breakouts. A facial toner will support the skin’s natural renewal and cleansing processes to balance the oil and moisture content while refining the pores.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner

This is suitable as a setting spray for makeup and simply  needs to be gently patted onto the skin.

3.      Apply sunscreen

Sunlight is essential to our health, improving the immune system and giving the body a natural boost of energy. However, it’s important to enjoy sun exposure with the correct balance of sunscreen that supports the skin.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF30

This provides extensive protection while leaving you with a sun-kissed glow. It can be applied as needed or after your day cream for added SPF protection. This formulation includes apricot, prickly pear, Anthyllis, calendula, and nourishing oils. This unique composition of valuable medicinal plant extracts protects the skin and strengthens its ability for self-protection. The natural formulation contains UV filters and antioxidant ingredients to prevent light-induced skin ageing while nourishing the skin and helping it produce and retain moisture.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Face Sun Cream SPF10

This aromatic suncream range, should be part of your summer skincare routine, consists of the medicinal plant quintet of calendula, coconut oil, Anthyllis, apricot and prickly pear preserves to moisturise the skin and promote balanced skin. It has been formulated to activate the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and retain good moisture balance. In addition to antioxidant ingredients, the UV filters protect your face from the sun’s rays and protect against sun-induced skin ageing. It can be applied as needed after your day cream or oil to give your skin added SPF protection. The light texture absorbs quickly, also allowing for the easy application of make-up.

4.      Revitalising mask

The warm weather can often leave your skin looking dull and weathered, in both dry and humid conditions. A revitalising mask will instil your skin with natural goodness to result in a reduction of inflammation and a clearer complexion.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask

This is suitable for all skin conditions, offering soothing care and deeper renewal for blemished or sunburned skin. The appearance of redness is diminished, pores are visibly refined and skin appears more even and toned. It’s packed with quince seed, anythllis, chamomile, jojoba, borage, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils to nurture and clarify the skin.

5.      Hydrating mask

The hot summer sun will dry out your skin, so you need to ensure you are hydrating it sufficiently before and after sun exposure. A hydrating mask will protect the skin while replenishing it with the necessary moisture to prevent signs of early ageing. This will result in the skin appearing fresher, plumper and softer.

Recommended: Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Cream Mask

This mask has been specially formulated to protect against dryness. Quince seed extract will replenish dry skin so it retains moisture while supporting the skin’s natural process of oil production. This is ideal for intensive skincare for dry and sensitive skins, as well as skin in need of regeneration and damaged by environmental influences

6.      Night conditioner

Once the sun is set, the skincare must continue with a night conditioner that renews the skin. It’s important to note that skin regenerates twice as quickly at night which is why it’s best to help it along the way, normalising skin functions and stimulating natural processes.

Recommended: Dr. Hausckha Renewing Night Conditioner

This oil-free night-time skincare product allows the skin to breathe freely and reminds it of its natural renewal processes over a 28-day time period. With a deeply considered formulation of witch hazel, madonna lily, silver, precious rose, bryophyllum (kalanchoe), marshmallow and sunflower, these powerful ampoules support the skin’s essential night-time tasks of cleansing, balancing,transformation and renewal.

Dr Hauschka’s range is ideal for your summer skincare routine as it contains no synthetic UV filters, no mineral oils, no silicones and no microplastics, protecting your skin and the environment.

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