3 Benefits of natural skincare products

Mar 29, 2022

Between 2020 and 2040, the global organic skincare products’ market is anticipated to grow by $3.2 billion, according to a report by Technavio. The reason for this is a much more enlightened consumer base that is prioritising sustainable business practices and long-term wellbeing over quick results that can be detrimental to people, animals and the planet. Switching over to a new skincare product is a big decision, but if you’re not using natural, then here’s a look at some of the benefits of natural skincare products.

What does a ‘nature’ skincare product mean?

A certified natural skincare product is one in which the manufacturer ethically sources all-natural ingredients for the production. It carefully considers the ancient rhythm of nature and the skin, drawing on naturally-found raw materials that benefit the skin. Natural skincare products don’t use synthetic fragrances, colourings, preservatives, mineral oils or silicones which can be harmful to the skin.

What are the benefits of natural skincare products?

For manufacturers of skincare products that are truly committed to enhancing the skin, there are so many benefits for users – both to the individual, the community and the planet as a whole.

1. They’re environmentally friendly

While natural skincare products to rely on natural raw materials for their manufacture, they’re actually better for the environment than those using synthetic materials. The reasons for the environmentally friendly nature of these skincare products are:

  • The manufacture of synthetic skincare products relies on chemical additives, the sourcing of which can put strain on the environment through extraction and other methods.
  • Synthetic materials have the potential to harm the environment by seeping into the groundwater and polluting ecosystems.
  • Manufacturers that don’t use authentically natural practices may test their products on animals which is incredibly harmful.
  • Manufacturers that are serious about the natural aspect of skincare products will also practice recycling and attempt to achieve carbon-neutral status.

2. They improve skin health

The biggest difference between a natural skincare product and a synthetic skincare product is the ingredients contained within them. When you look at the ingredient listing on a synthetic skincare product, you’re unlikely to recognise any of the names unless you work in a laboratory. These ingredients, such as triclosan, glyceryl stearate, petrolatum and dyes, seep into the bloodstream and can cause untold harm on the body’s processes. These might come with some ‘fast-acting results’, but the reality is they’re doing more harm than good over time. On the other hand, the benefits of natural skincare products is they easily incorporate recognisable ingredients such as jojoba and argon oils, as well as vitamins, which are beneficial to skin health.

benefits of natural skincare products

3. They reduce the chance of allergic reactions

There is a prevalence of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne which can actually be made worse when using synthetic products – even those marketed as being for sensitive skin use. Many of the products on the market for sensitive skin are generally not all-natural, and it’s certainly worth consulting with a dermatologist before trying any of them. One of the benefits of natural skincare products is they are not as disruptive to the skin and can minimise the chance of allergic reactions.

What to check if you want a truly natural skincare range

Because of the demand for natural skincare products, there’s been an influx of these on the market, making it difficult to differentiate between those that are actually effective and sustainable. When choosing a natural skincare range, here are a few things to check beforehand.

  • Is the brand foundation-owned? If so, this means that the company cannot be bought or sold, leaving them free to prioritise sustainability over profit.
  • Are the products 100% natural certified organic using only the highest quality, medicinal standard plant extracts?
  • Is the brand cruelty-free and has it been since its inception? This means never testing products on animals or commissioning others to do so.
  • Does the brand rely on a sustainable sourcing and ethical supply chains?
  • Does the brand protect the ecosystem by not incorporating mineral oils, chemical preservatives or micro plastics?
  • Does the brand use natural, recycled packaging to reduce waste?
  • How long has the brand been operational and what evidence is there of the results?

One of the leading South African natural skincare ranges that ticks all the boxes for a natural skincare range is Dr Hauschka. This is a premium skincare product established in 1967, long before it became the preferred choice globally. Drawing on extensive research, and a deep understanding of nature, the team has created effective formulations which nourish the skin in harmony with the environment. To find out more visit www.drhauschka.co.za.

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